Autumn/Winter 2018

This collection is all about texture, touch, feel, layering and embellishment.  Earthy and natural.
Base colour – black, with teale/green and oranges, greys, reds as highlights

The Dao Coat, inspired by Red Dao traditional clothing, cotton/linen, silk/rayon lining and natural hemp features, leggings and apron

Long Moc Chau Coat, Reef Dress with batik, Limited Edition Ethnic Thai Shawl/Poncho

Jersey Tunics with Hmong Dream Maze inspired embroidery, Ao Dai Pants, Ta Phin Jacket & Dao Jacket with silver clasps featuring handstitched Red Dao embroidery and Beret with Hmong Embroidery

Short Moc Chau Coat featuring batik stripes on cotton/linen blend.  The Martel Top, a cap sleeve top featuring an ethnic textile panel, available in a range of colours.  Wide Leg Pleat Pants with batik features.

Signature Jacket, Reef Dress with Ethnic Thai features and Beret

Our Signature Jackets are unique, one-off jackets made from selected vintage and commissioned ethnic textiles, lined with cotton, offering comfort and style.  Seen here with leggings, overtop and one of our luxurious 100% silk velvet shawls

Pa Co Dress with natural hemp detailing, ruffle cardigan with handcrafted brass brooch, silk velvet shawl.  Leggings, Overtop, silk velvet Shrug

One Pleat Dress, Ruffle Cardigan, Signature Jacket and Beret

Jersey Tunic, Hmong Style Shirt, Jersey Shrug, slouch bag, A-line Midi Skirt

Godet Pleat Skirt with batik trim, 4 Strap Jacket with intricate vintage Hmong batik and Slouch Bag featuring a range of ethnic textiles

A-line Midi Skirt with blanket stitch & Overtop with batik detailing
Long Sleeve Striped Tee, Ao Dai Pants,, Ta Phin Jacket & Shrug