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IMG_20120903_115849        Fabrics for care     3 bas of Ha Giang

Future Traditions makes clothes from XS through to XL.  We can also make to order.


The indigenous textiles of the ethnic minority communities are usually dyed using natural dyes and handwoven.  Some of the fabrics we use are antique and should be treated with extra special care.

Slubs and irregularities occur naturally in HANDWOVEN fabrics, and care should be taken to avoid snagging. Take care when hanging to avoid misshaping.

Slight colour variations of HAND-DYED fabrics make every item unique. We recommend that care instructions are followed carefully to minimize colour transfer and fading. On initial wash we recommend garments be hand washed separately and should always be dried away from direct heat and sunlight to prolong their life span.

Intricate HAND EMBROIDERY is used on some of our garments. They should be treated with great care to prevent threads pulling. Please wash inside out. Do not iron directly on embroidered areas.

To ensure your garment enjoys a long life and you enjoy wearing it, we recommend you HAND WASH or if using a washing machine, use a front loader only with CLOTHES PLACED IN A DELICATES BAG.

Use a cold wash/gentle cycle setting using a non-bleach based washing powder (no harsh detergents). Do not tumble dry.  This is also better for the environment. Carefully following these instructions will help your clothes look good for a long time.

Wear, clean and store your jewellery carefully, to ensure its long life.  Future Traditions jewellery is made from ocean polished ceramic and glass which may be adversely affected by harsh chemical cleaners.  Some may discolour and some may eventually break apart.   Do not use chemical cleaners or dipping solutions.

To clean silver jewellery create a solution of mild detergent and warm water. Now gently buff small sections of the jewelry taking care not to touch the ceramic or glass. Rinse and dry to complete the process. If the jewelry is heavily tarnished or still requires cleaning you may require a specialized silver cleaning cloth or professional cleaning. Keep in mind that the harsher the cleaner the more likely your jewelry will be damaged.

Please note: The colour of jewellery products may change over time because of interactions with oil or chemicals on your skin;

  • Glass, ceramics and delicate natural materials may break if dropped.
  • Do not clean jewellery over a sink or you may need a plumber
  • Use soft lint free cloths only.
  • Do not under any circumstances use harsh chemicals on glass or ceramics which may be porous. Porous stones/ceramics will absorb the chemicals and cause damage.






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