Winter is here

Happy new year to all!

Let’s hope that 2021 will be kinder to everyone and that we, in turn, will be kinder to the earth.

Perhaps still under the spell of the festive season, these winter berries remind of the winters of my childhood, my family and the winter colour my mother would bring in from the garden.  I think we are all missing family and friends this year, but as we head into the lead up to TET we have much to be grateful for here in Hanoi and the relative normality within which we live.

Future Traditions has always been about quality not quantity, about ethical practices and about minimising waste, but we all need to do more, do more to use less!

Let’s be mindful of what is happening around us, for those who have lost their livelihoods through the pandemic and let’s live our intentions and not let them languish in forgotten new year’s resolutions.

So as winter well and truly sets into Hanoi, enjoy layering up in hats and scarves and winter coats (my chance to live in my FT silk velvet shawl), enjoy the excitement and atmosphere of Vietnam preparing for TET, but also remember that our community and our environment needs our care and we must take shared responsibility for this.

All the best for 2021

Cynthia and team FT