batik ceramics

Our batik ceramics are the result of a wonderful collaboration, celebrating the time honoured traditions of Hmong artisans. Started during lockdowns, it has taken many steps to bring them to you, from the design of the forms, to the traditional Hmong batik designs set on 3-dimensional objects, to replicating these unique patterns by hand on… Continue reading batik ceramics

A little bit of kudos

We’d like to share with you some unexpected things that happened – we were honoured twice in one month! Firstly, what a privilege to be selected as a special guest at the Australian Chamber of Commerce March Sundowners event, celebrating women in business. And secondly, so proud that Future Traditions was nominated in the category… Continue reading A little bit of kudos

We are moving

We’ve enjoyed welcoming you all to our villa showroom, but the time has come for us to move on from To Ngoc Van. We will be open BY APPOINTMENT only, for the foreseeable future while we get settled in our new place and also take the opportunity to re-calibrate where we are taking the business.… Continue reading We are moving

Happy lunar new year

Welcome to the Year of the Cat. I hope it will bring joy to everyone. For those who only follow us here, you will have noticed the website has been static for a while. We’ve been very active on Instagram and Facebook, but had quite a few problems on the website, like it disappearing for… Continue reading Happy lunar new year

Winter is here

Happy new year to all! Let’s hope that 2021 will be kinder to everyone and that we, in turn, will be kinder to the earth. Perhaps still under the spell of the festive season, these winter berries remind of the winters of my childhood, my family and the winter colour my mother would bring in… Continue reading Winter is here

Big weekend ahead

It’s a big weekend ahead in Hanoi.  The new school year has well and truly started, border restrictions have relaxed a little so families who had been living here prior to Covid, have now been able to return.  The first of the typhoons has arrived, bringing with it cooler weather.  Autumn is here. So this… Continue reading Big weekend ahead