Winter is here

Happy new year to all! Let’s hope that 2021 will be kinder to everyone and that we, in turn, will be kinder to the earth. Perhaps still under the spell of the festive season, these winter berries remind of the winters of my childhood, my family and the winter colour my mother would bring in… Continue reading Winter is here

Big weekend ahead

It’s a big weekend ahead in Hanoi.  The new school year has well and truly started, border restrictions have relaxed a little so families who had been living here prior to Covid, have now been able to return.  The first of the typhoons has arrived, bringing with it cooler weather.  Autumn is here. So this… Continue reading Big weekend ahead

Secondhand September & Project Ms Universe/Repurpose

In May, in the midst of Covid, we ran our RENEW, REVAMP and REPAIR campaign.  Renew your commitment to quality, fairtrade and sustainability. Revamp and Repair to give longevity, no waste and help the environment. For Secondhand September we’d like to inspire you with a project we were very busy with this time last year,… Continue reading Secondhand September & Project Ms Universe/Repurpose

Restoring ancient patterns

  This traditional pattern is being woven again! We said watch this space and here it is! It will be a little different to the older, existing fabrics.  Now, the thread being used for the warp is commercially spun cotton and only the weft will be handspun cotton.  There are technical reasons for this relating… Continue reading Restoring ancient patterns

Weaving new for old!

Future Traditions’ mission is to support the continued production of “at risk” textiles.  So whilst we repurpose existing fabrics, our goal is also to commission new fabric to be made.  Sometimes this is easier said than done.  The stunning ethnic textile panel in the photograph is a vintage example of the hand loom fabric that… Continue reading Weaving new for old!

Renew, Revamp and Repair

  Dear friends, What a strange first few months of the year, nothing has been the same since the lunar New Year break.  But locked down, in isolation, working from home or not working at all, these are the strangest times many of us have ever lived through.  It changes perspectives, creates awareness and for… Continue reading Renew, Revamp and Repair