batik ceramics

Our batik ceramics are the result of a wonderful collaboration, celebrating the time honoured traditions of Hmong artisans.

Started during lockdowns, it has taken many steps to bring them to you, from the design of the forms, to the traditional Hmong batik designs set on 3-dimensional objects, to replicating these unique patterns by hand on the finished ceramics in Bat Trang. 

We are so proud of the end result and hope you will love them as much as we do.  They are available through our showroom for retail and wholesale.

So let us tell you a little about the designs that our artisan batik designers, Thanh Thao and Dia, have created.

1.  Perspectives  – looking in & looking out

2.  Ancestry—heritage & traditions

3.  Points—the directions we take

4.  Fish Traps—the cycle of life