Renew, Revamp and Repair


Dear friends,

What a strange first few months of the year, nothing has been the same since the lunar New Year break.  But locked down, in isolation, working from home or not working at all, these are the strangest times many of us have ever lived through.  It changes perspectives, creates awareness and for those of us who have rooves over our heads and food on our tables, makes us really appreciate how fortunate we are.   It is a really tough time but if we can stay in touch, spread any work available around and think carefully about where we spend our money so it does the most good, we can survive this.

The Great Pause, as it is being called, also draws attention to what we really “need” in our lives.  Lots of reflection, discussion and connection have been a result.

So, in this week of FASHION REVOLUTION we want to draw attention to small, sustainable actions we can all do.

For the month of May we are going to help you to RENEW, REVAMP and REPAIR.  Renew your commitment to quality, fairtrade and sustainability. Revamp and Repair to give longevity, no waste and help the environment.

So if you’ve cleaned out your wardrobe and have some old favourites that you can’t bear to part with but you no longer wear because they need a revamp, adjustment or repair, bring them into the showroom and we’ll help you make them wearable again. Let’s bring the “black arts” of darning and repairs back into vogue.

Let’s renew, revamp, repair and to quote Vivienne Westwood “Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity.”

We are all in this together and we can make a difference.


Future Traditions is committed to supporting artisan textile producers, commissioning new textiles and re-purposing and recycling existing fabrics, to create heirloom pieces featuring the exquisite textiles of northern Vietnam.