Weaving new for old!

Future Traditions’ mission is to support the continued production of “at risk” textiles.  So whilst we repurpose existing fabrics, our goal is also to commission new fabric to be made.  Sometimes this is easier said than done.  The stunning ethnic textile panel in the photograph is a vintage example of the hand loom fabric that the ethnic Thai feature in their traditional skirts.  It is a pattern that I began a love affair with many years ago.

Over time it has become increasingly rare as new fabric was not being made and the search has been on to find a weaver who knew how to make this pattern.

And the GREAT NEWS is, that with the help of Sam Thi Tinh at Hoa Tien Brocade, we have found someone who knows how to weave this pattern and we have commissioned it to be made. Better still the weaver will teach others how to make it. So this significant textile will not be lost to future generations.

Watch this space for more news on the process and finished product.  We are VERY EXCITED !

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